Monday, February 11, 2013

Spring 2013

Well, everyone, it was a nice run on The Late, Young Family for the past two years!  I have met lots of fabulous people in the blogging community, and shared some fun projects.  My decor and crafts would most likely be nonexistent if I didn't have this blog. I would not have realized my passion for photography as quickly without finding all the ways I could take pictures of my family, furniture projects, etc.!  Thank YOU for all the support!  

There will also be no more posts on Gabrielle Serrano Photography blog effective 3/1/13.  

HOWEVER, if you already saw my posts on Instagram and Facebook, you are aware that I am in the process of creating a brand new blog.  It will incorporate everything that is me into one entire website.  It is going to be very different, but in a good way.  I will be posting my usual crafts and DIY sessions.  Along with that, there will be posts about photography, fashion, food, healthy living, family lifestyle posts, and so much more!  

On Thursday, March 21, 2013, I will launch the new website, MouseVolatile, at midnight (with an explanation of the name)!

Thursday, February 7, 2013

You Make My Dreams Come True

Apparently, this is printable week on my blog.  It's almost Valentine's Day, and, if you were on my blog around this time last year, you would've seen I have a big love for some Hall and Oates.

Hall and Oates = Valentine's Day

It does.  Don't question it.

So, to surprise your honey on Valentine's Day, give him or her the gift of a free Hall and Oates printable.  But who has to know it was free?

PDF:  Download

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Mardi Gras Printable

My animals have started to talk.  I swear I'm not high on spray paint fumes.  I walked into the office, and this is what I heard:

Tigre knows what's up.  

This is the time of year when I REALLY want to be back home in Louisiana (Mardi Gras is Feb. 12).  I know I can go pick up a delicious king cake at Publix, but it's just not the same.  So, I went ahead and made myself a printable to remind myself of as many things "Mardi Gras" as possible.  If you would like to print one for yourself, I'm happy to share!

PDF - Download
JPEG - Download

Jockomo (Jock-A-Mo, Jockamo, or Chock-a-mo) is a very popular Louisiana song, originally written by James "Sugar Boy" Crawford, about competing Mardi Gras Indian tribes.  "Laissez les bon temps rouler!"  means "Let the good times roll!".

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Saturday, February 2, 2013

Personalized Valentine's Day Cards

My daughter and I have been looking around the great wide world of craft blogs for Valentine card ideas this year.  Last year, we recycled some cardboard by prettying them all up for her Kindergarten class.  We saw a few ideas for this year, but she really like the personalized lollipop cards.  So, she put on her pretty pink dress, and here's what we came up with!

Since Valentine cards usually come with a variety of pictures/phrases, we thought we would choose from four different poses.

I made the above collage in Lightroom, but you can do the same on (for free).

I added the same phrase on each one in PicMonkey:

"Happiness is a friend like you!"

Since I'm trying to conserve as much ink and paper as possible, I printed these collages as 5x7s, which made the cards wallet sized.

I have a jewelry punch (I have no idea what it's called), which was small enough to punch holes, where the lollipop would go through the card.

Here's the end result:

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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Distressed Pink Sewing Table

My mother-in-law, Nori, found a horribly painted sewing table at a garage sale about 5 or 6 months ago, and she bought it for me.  She knows that I'm always looking for a great piece of furniture to pretty up, and I finally completed the task.

Here is a sort-of before picture.  I already sanded off the 50 layers of ugly yellow on the top.  As you can see, I started to sand it off the remainder, but then I decided I wanted to keep a shabby two-tone look.  I sanded some parts of it bare, and kept a majority of the yellow on (lightly sanded).

And here is the after:

I primed it with a Valspar Primer spray can (light coat) only on the top half.  I wanted more yellow to peak through at the bottom, which with the pictures, you can't even see that well.  The pink paint color is Valspar's "Rosy Cheeks" (3 light coats).

 I let that dry, and the next day I grabbed a coarse piece of sandpaper and really dug into the table, especially along the corners and sides.  Once I had it shabby enough, I used Valspar's Antiquing Glaze.  Voila!

The compartment for the sewing machine was really beat up, and I was not at all interested in repairing.  I'm using it as bedside table, so I simply placed a basket on top of the compartment.

Before and After:

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Salmon with Mango/Kiwi Relish

Our entire family made a New Year's resolution to try more foods and cook often.  So far it has been working out rather well.  My daughter nearly cleared her plate last Sunday, and my son tried an awesome, nutritious sandwich today.  Makes me so happy and proud of ALL of us!  So, I am not going to take Cooking Light's glory, but I just wanted to share this great recipe that I tried.  My husband LOVED it, and he is not a fan of mango whatsoever.  Click here, and get your pen (or printer) ready.

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Mini Photo Booth Idea for Valentine's Day Pictures

As a photographer, I am always looking for easy, yet unique ideas for portrait backdrops.  I recently put together a very simple and inexpensive Valentine themed backdrop.

Here's what you will need:

-A white blanket (I got this fleece throw from IKEA for $3.99):

-A heart garland.  You can either make one yourself, or buy one.  Mine was from the Dollar Tree (not on the website).

I placed half of the throw onto the wall (held in place with some pushpins), and I also pinned the garland onto the throw/wall.  Here's what you'll get:

It's good backdrop for your pets as well, and if you want to use it for someone not so miniature, just raise it up to their height!

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Thursday, January 10, 2013

Valentine's Day Vignette

This little nook in my house has been decorated a number of times.  I think it's been featured on TLYF the most, I'm sure.  Well, I finally decided to use this space as an actual desk.  I don't really enjoy being in my office.  There is too much going on in the house, so, at least in this spot, I am more aware of my surroundings and not closed in.  Enough of the blah, blah, blah, and onto the decor!

It looks really simple, but it started out a little extravagant, aka overboard.  I had crepe streamers taped to the wall in various patterns, large vases with over-sized bouquets.  It was Valentine's Day on crack.  After staring at it for like two days (and watching streamers fall down way too many times), I toned it down.

I took this gold/mint painted MDF from my Christmas decor (see below),

 ...and taped a bright red heart on it (bought at Party City).  I also cut out a piece of fabric, taped on a similar cut-out heart, and placed it into an empty frame.

The banner was really simple.  I cut out various heart-shaped pieces of felt (no tracing or anything fancy), hot-glued them together, and then I glued on 4 pieces of Dollar Tree ribbon to both sides.  

In case you're wondering, I bought the doilie-esque vase at IKEA.  I tried looking for it on the website, but no luck.  I did, however, find them around the gardening section.

The small organizing bins are from the Dollar Tree.  I easily customized them with some metallic permanent markers.

One more look:

Once the holidays are over, I immediately start looking forward to Spring, so this is a nice in-between stage (even if it is 80 degrees outside).  I'll have an easy Valentine photo booth idea posted tomorrow night!

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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

2013 - Organize

Happy New Year, y'all!!!  So sorry that this blog has been sooooo not up to date.  I've been running around trying to get things accomplished; just don't ask me what exactly has been accomplished.  With the new year, I believe many of us think about what all needs to be organized in our homes and lives.  I am proud to say that my daughter's clothes have been organized, and I rearranged her room a little.  My junk drawers in my kitchen are not so junky anymore.  Can I get an "Amen!"?  Thank you. ;)  I still have a lot more to tackle, and these are some items I have found around the web to inspire me:

I love IKEA.  I always find cool, inexpensive items to add to our home, when we visit our Orlando location.  This KVISSLE wall magazine rack would be great for our office.  We have our copper filing cabinet, but there are some things I would like to have within arm's reach.

These unfinished KNUFF magazine files would also be great alternatives.  Think of all the DIY possibilities with these babies!

This silver mesh rolling cart from The Container Store is a little out of my price range, but I love the simple, clean design, and the fact that I can roll it around from room to room.  It would make for a great clothes bin, or you can always roll it around to pick up all of the random toys.

Design Public is selling this Vitra Uten Silo Small Wall Organizer.  I have also seen organizers such as this made out of cardboard and painted.  You know, just in case you don't want to spend almost $400.

Are you getting your organization on?  If you are looking for more ideas, go to my Home Organization Pinterest board to visit some great sites, that will guide you to all your organizational needs!

By the way, I was not paid to showcase any of these items, but if IKEA would ever like me to contact me in regards to advertising/free items....EMAIL ME ANYTIME!

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Light Fixture Christmas Decorations

I have this beautiful garland that I bought a few years ago. It was on sale at Target for 70% off, and I never could find a place for it.

Until this year. ;)

Our dining area has a rather boring light fixture. It got some sprucin'.

I simply wrapped the garland around the light fixture, and tied some ornaments on it as well.  Ten minutes, y'all!